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Every inhabitant in Rural Orissa is self reliant and prosperous through optimum utilization of local resources. ANWESHA  is a Multi-disciplinary non-profit making research, and social service originations, in Non- Government sector, set up to evolve and improve development strategies, policies and solutions by scientific and systematic investigation and analysis of development problems and issues of regional, national and global priorities. It is a multi-disciplinary body, which focuses on the problems of poor, weaker, Tribal, handicrafts , distressed and deprived sections of the society in the development process. It emphasizes on the promotions of social and community development, protection and conservation of natural resources, promotion of sustainable livelihood and protection of human rights at all levels.




To make a difference to the community by developing strategies that are practical, acceptable and sustainable with the expressed needs of the community. To improve the quality of life through intervention pertaining to education, health, livelihood, with special emphasis on Empowerment of women and poverty eradication in a community for their sustainable development. A new socio-economic order in witch the poor and the women live at par with others following the values of sustainable development, Global common-hood and sympathy towards the weaker and handicrafts sections

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