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For development of research in the  field of Rural ,Tribal, Agriculture, Handicrafts & Social sector .It is formed under the  aegis of scholars from different fields who have expertise to suggest the government, semi-government ,and international bodies working towards rural development ANWESHA  has the expertise to provide quick guidance in terms of quick studies and remedial measures    to augment the situation in times of emergency. Since its inception, ANWESHA has been involved in projects imparting socio-economic benefits to the needy section of the society. A team of young, dynamic and hardworking group of professionals/activists make it possible to reach the poor people in the inaccessible regions and involve them in developmental activities that would benefit them and their region.


ANWESHA has established a full-fledged spacious office at Capital city in Bhubaneswar. besides other office facilities and support services. ANWESHA  is fully geared to undertake research projects of varying magnitude and diversity and is ready to launch even large-scale national projects.


ANWESHA has qualified system professionals with knowledge of both software and hardware aspects. All professionals of ANWESHA  have working knowledge of statistical analysis packages like SPSS and spreadsheets like Lotus and Microsoft Excel etc. ANWESHA also has necessary arrangements for data entry and management.


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