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There is a General Council Consisting of all the members of the ANWESHA to govern the organization . Out of which seven representative formed Executive cum Representatives Council (ERC) to look after and execute the day to day functions of ANWESHA. The ERC sits quarterly to look at its operations and provide necessary support guidance as and when required .The member secretary has been selected as the chief executive of ANWESHA to report to ERC on its operations .He also represents ANWESHSA in all respects .There is a team of professionals  and volunteers employed for the furtherance of its noble objective . The Chief Executive is heading the team on behalf of ANWESHA and the Program Coordinators are working as Program Team Leaders .In each project location the program coordinator is responsible and accountable to ANWESHA  and other stakeholders for the implementation of the programme .The report to the CEO for an effective and efficient coordination and implementation of the program as  because the CEO is legally authorized to sign all the legal documents of ANWESHA.

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