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We make every effort to get constructive change in the life of the back streamed & disadvantaged populace of mainly far-flung areas. We set more stress on Education, Health, Livelihood through Promotion of Handicrafts .As our state Orissa is dominated by tribal and peasant villages, we do toil for the development of these ethnic villages and make penetrating effort to bring change in every aspect of the tribal and caste disadvantaged people. We move to the distant areas supporting special govt. projects and assess the need of the area for development.




Handicrafts, Education, Health, Environment & Ecology, Natural Resources( Land, water, forest, vegetation), Cultural Resources, Tourism, Agriculture, Plantation, Women empowerment, Livelihood & Poverty Alleviation.




 The work areas covers 200 villages of the following blocks & Districts;


Community Projects


Gender sensitization and empowerment



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