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Gender sensitization and empowerment:


ANWESHA  gives much attention to address the issue of gender disparities and inequality. The Rural women of the project area appear quite emancipated as the impact of the training imputes, they have somehow exercised their collective pressure to access to political and productive resources and had ready to access to child care facilities. In the project area , women’s roles are starkly differentiated from mean . They are responsible for the household and many agricultural tasks (Including in the forest) but are not enjoy and expect to play an active role outside the home. This role differentiation is accentuated as a result of strong cultural efforts are being made to promote gender awareness by insisting on women participation in meeting in meeting and exposures and actively seeking their opinions (mainly to the puzzlement, rather then opposition of men).this is gradually producing results with more women becoming actively involved and expressing themselves openly in mixed gathering .this is a process that takes a lot of time. The work ANWESHA dies is really about restructuring the attitude one way of thinking of the people, especially women, so that they do not feel guilty about being active  out side their home and they are able to face the stigma that comes from fighting against this kind of values. The out comes & impact of the gender sensitization and empowerment training facilitates a critical analysis of their social, political and cultural condition and help them to see and improve their position, status and respect in the system. Our concerted efforts enable the women to think and act to address the practical & strategic gender issues and it is recognized by the women that they are enjoying power to take decision at their family and community level ANWESHA  was able to train 50 (40 women +10 men) under the training programme in Gaundia Block in Dhankamal District.

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Gender sensitization and empowerment



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