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About The Tribal Culture......


India has traditionally been the home of different cultures and people. Unity in diversity is one of the most prominent features in the people of India. Among the diversified population a significant portion is comprised of the tribal people, the original inhabitants' of the land. The tribal culture of India and their traditions and practices pervade almost all of the aspects of Indian culture and civilization.


The different tribes in India: In India one can find almost a new dialect, culture, and different people after moving 50 kms in any direction. Like wise the tribal population is also very much varied and diversified. The present tribal population of India is approximately 20 million all together. The tribes each one of them is a distinctive community either migrated from another place or the original inhabitants of the land. These different tribes still inhibits the different parts especially the seven states of the North Eastern part, and almost each and every corner of the land. The distinctiveness of the tribes lies their rituals, cultures, beliefs and above all the harmony in which they survive in unison with nature. Their living perfectly depicts a well balanced give and take procedure that in no way disrupts the ecological balance.

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