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I am happy to present the website of ANWESHA. As a Non-Government organization, ANWESHA played and continues to play a very important role on sustainable socioeconomic revolutions in the state in the by way of its valuable contributions towards upliftment in the handicrafts sector. In order to provide the much required goal, the pursuit of research and extension, the infrastructure development was initiated on war footing basis since last 25 years. ANWESHA  in spite of its different hurdles has been able to uphold the ethical values of non-government organizations and has been relentlessly marching ahead with the objectives of sustainable development activities in rural and urban sector, upliftment of socio-economic conditions of Tribal women and children by inducing National Government policies and united national mandates. Through achievement of hundred percent success on the above objectives appear to be far away ,yet various action programmes undertaking ANWESHA also enthuses and revive the zeal of the Socio-culturally and economically exploited mass at grass root level to take responsibility for initiating developmental activities with their own means instead of depending totally on external support. Several technical and awareness programmes/meetings were organized to provide a common platform to deliberate upon the critical issue and draw strategies to people to India.


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